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Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Andrew Miller's 2-Motor Walker Tutorial ( Part 1 )


The material in this appendix is directly derived from a set of tutorial web pages authored by Andrew Miller. Andrew has since moved on to other pursuits (that pesky "work thing," don'cha know...), so in the interests of education, I "prettied" up his treatment a bit (the original was so rich in font styles, that it was a bit distracting), cleaned up some terminology and spelling, and gave it a home here.
Thus endeth the preface...

How Do I Make A Walker?

The fact is it's impossible to teach someone all the empirical knowledge and skill base that goes into a BEAM walker. But in the following material I will attempt to describe the MicroCore and its implementation in a 2-motor / 4-leg walker. Take note, this is by no means all the info that is possible but it should get you started. I've tried to make it as straightforward as possible.

The Basic Circuit

The heart of the Miller Walker is a quadcore. It consists of 6 Nvs.

All capacitor values are 0.22 uF
All resistors are 1 MegOhm
Power supply (Vcc) is 3-10 V DC (this must be well-regulated, as microcores do not tolerate ripple well).

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